Even though an outbreak of the deadly coronavirus could present a serious blow to their jobs and lives, some sex workers say there is no chance of socially distancing from clients.
‘Service providers’ spoken to in Ndola say although they have heard of the virus and the serious risk health it poses to those who contract COVID-19, taking leave would spell financial difficulties.

With no savings to tide them over until the threat of the coronavirus has blown over, sex workers say self-isolating or social distancing

were simply not among the options to survive the threat.
“The business we do on the street is the only means of survival. If we stop, we are going to starve our families,” said one of a group

interviewed at a busy intersection in the central business district at the weekend.
Said another, “Some of us have children and if we can’t come to work because of this virus, we are going to suffer and our children will be
affected. We are not going to stop.
Times of Zambia



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