Kirk Lenell Smith ran his drug operation from a bed in the first-floor living room of his rented home, police said.Smith, who officials said weighs more than 600 pounds(156 KGs) spent much of his time in that bed, which served as a makeshift command center.

A 9mm Kel-Tec pistol was within reach. A nearby flat-screen television displayed images from the five surveillance cameras mounted on the outside of the Carthage house. The cameras showed the front porch, the back of the house, as well as up and down the narrow street that runs alongside railroad tracks.

Part of the living room of Kirk Smith’s house in Carthage, where near his bed was a television displaying images from his five surveillance cameras. The tissue box in front of the screen contained crack cocaine, police said.

Smith, who is 42, doesn’t move well. He has health problems. He requires a breathing tube. And Smith – who was sentenced last week to two years in prison for charges including cocaine trafficking – would have been a target for robbery, investigators said.


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