Ruling PF Chairman for Youths Kelvin Sampa has admitted that he owns 252 hectares of land in Masaiti which is under dispute.

Senior Chief Mushili of the Lamba speaking people of Masaiti has accused Mr Sampa of forcefully grabbing traditional land from him.

Through his Spokesman and Trustee Toby Mulekelwa, the Chief said the land Mr Sampa is occupying is a special piece of traditional land which hosts some traditional artifacts including the Chief’s final resting place.

The Chief told Journalists at his palace over the weekend that efforts to chase Mr Sampa off the land have been resisted.

He said the PF Youth Chairman always boasts that he is connected and that he cannot be removed from the land.

The Chief said the traditional leadership have offered Mr Sampa an alternative piece of land and within the Chiefdom but that he has declined the offer.

When reached for a comment, Mr Sampa admitted to owning over 250 hectares in Masaiti.

He however maintains that he bought the land legitimately and that he has Title Deeds to prove that.

Mr Sampa he has asked the Chief to remove “whatever” is hidden the land but to no avail.

“I have the Title to that land and I am not going anywhere. I have told those people to remove whatever is buried there so that I can start developing my land but they have been refusing,” he said.



  1. This why opposition leaders and NGOs are telling you to fight bill 10. All the chiefs will loose land and hand over to PF evil party. The war has started even before bill 10 is thru.

    My Chief mwebo talaleni lukoso mulalya nabo pano nindo mulelilila?


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