Yo Maps Must Avoid Using His Phone When Drunk, He Is A Public Figure.

On this one, we agree with Mwizukanji. She has done well to circulate one of the several audios from his drunken stupor. Mwizukanji has moved on and she is just busy with her personal life, be it exemplary or not. She was humiliated but she collected herself and moved on.

Yo Maps, without shame, decided to date a woman of his late friend purporting it to be out of love but it was to hurt the mother of his child. Realising that she has not been moved an inch, he now calls her each time he gets drunk to insult her as a way of hurting her.

Mwizukanji must report Yo Maps to the Victim Support Unit. He is capable of inflicting bodly harm on her. He has failed to move on. Many men who behave like Yo Maps have gone on to kill their ex spouses. His “Chikubabe Season” may leave many to wonder why they did nothing to prevent any unfortunate eventuality.

Men must never forget the story of Samson and Delilah. Some women are evil spirits in a sexy body. Yo Maps will, one day, remember the daughter he has decided not to offer financial support.

©Eagle One Zambia



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