By Richard Aaron Ngoma.
President Edgar Lungu cheekily told the International Monitory Fund to pack up and go if they didn’t like the way he ran the country especially in the areas of law and order.

Addressing the press at State House on 6th July 2017 to explain his intention to invoke Article 31 of the Zambian Constitution that would facilitate the enforcement of Cap 112 of laws of Zambia, that would in turn allow the Police to detain suspects indefinitely, President Lungu said he cared less if the IMF departed as long as he was left alone to run the country any which way he liked.

It was the same period that President Edgar Lungu had detained his main political rival Hakainde Hichilema for up to 127 days without trial after he was falsely accused of high treason.

“If the IMF feels we have gone beyond the norms of good governance they are free to go”, President Lungu declared.

Prior to that President Edgar Lungu had in November 2015 rejected a $1 billion extended facility to help stabilise the Zambian economy, after the IMF demanded that the country carries out a series of measures to enforce fiscal discipline. The IMF team led by Mr Tsidi Tsikata the Division Chief African Department, Washington, insisted that the Zambian government does away with fuel subsidies and reviews its lavish spending on infrastructure programmes that the Fund viewed as popularist in nature and without economic sense.

Zambia is bracing herself for a virtual IMF meeting tomorrow Thursday 11th February 2020 which economic experts believe will yield nothing due to Zambia’s latest inheritance of $1.5 billion loan from Glencore. The negotiations are expected to run up to March 3.
Pictures: The Mast and Lusaka Times



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