Your excellence Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu sir we implore you to shelve the proposed constitution amendment bill. It clearly adds no value to our nationhood. In fact it takes us backwards.

Let us discount the opposition political parties because they can be rightly said to have vested interests. The Church mother bodies, majority of the recognised CSOs and professional bodies ZICA and LAZ have all roundly rejected the proposed amendments to our constitution. In fact the Church have not only rejected the proposed amendments but the very process that culminated in these proposals.

We are more than convinced that even if you were to commission an inquiry to go through out this country, the majority response would be a rejection of these proposed amendments. The people of Zambia have consistently expressed their will concerning the constitution starting with the Chona commission of 1972 through the Mvunga commission, the Mwanakatwe commission, the Mung’omba commission and to the Silungwe technical review of 2011. Sir the submissions are strikingly similar.

Some of the proposed amendments will no doubt prove onerous to our treasury at a time when we should be deepening financial austerity to revive our economy. Also consider the recommendation to pay pensions over an indefinitely deferred period. This will severely impact pensioners who have suffered long enough. But worse still are the politically sensitive proposed amendments which will only deepen the divisions in this country to put it lightly. Sir, it’s better to be a former president than to be a President of a country on fire.

Sir, is it wise and practical to have a new constitution for each election cycle? At what point will our country have ‘a constitution that will withstand the test of time’? Many would agree that the Mung’omba draft submission constituted very good constitutional proposals. Those proposals culminated in the constitution amendment that you proudly assented to in January 2016 at Heroes Stadium. What has changed?

The constitution as it stands today only needs refinement. This is what many stakeholders were hoping for only to see Mr Given Lubinda turn refinement into a full blown constitution amendment process. Save without involving the people.

In Bemba it is said ‘amono mambulya yafumine mwifwesa yaya muchulu’ while in Tonga the same adage says ‘mano alazya a mukasumbwa’. We know you are very fluent in both languages. But for the seek of others the meaning is simply that lowly people can advise even the important people in society. Or in short, that wisdom is no respecter of persons.

As a humble and listening leader please listen to the people and save this country further avoidable financial stress and social strife.

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