Following the death of Elvis Malokota one of Zambeef’s oldest driver at Chisamba Huntley Farm, the Zambia Eagle decided to fly to Central province and dig deeper why he hanged himself.

Malokota was happily married and worked for Zambia’s leading meat supplier Zambeef for more than 20 years. He was involved in love triangle in Mazabuka.

According to what the Eagle zoomed, [he] Malokota had a girlfriend in Mazabuka whom he built a mansion with everything inside including paying for her maid.

Using King Solomon character and appetite, the late Malokota started having sex with young sister to his girlfriend in the same house in Mazabuka before he influenced her to shift and find her own house.

After the girlfriend ( sister in law ) shifted from her elder sister’s house, the late Elvis bought everything for her including the Queen Size bed and paid for three months in advance rentals.

Out of frustration, anger and abomination the elder sister reviewed everything to Malokota that her younger sister was a pornstar who was sleeping with dogs and whites to make money and that couldn’t help Elvis Malokota.

On the actual day of suicide, Malokota called his last born Junior Malokota, nephews, colleagues that they will find his body hanging at a certain tree after Chikankata turn off in Mazabuka, Southern Province.

Last Sabbath he ate the Holy Communion at Mwayasunka Seventh Days Adventist Church in Chisamba.

Sensitive viewers warned!


SOURCE: Zambia Eagle



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