ZAMBEZI Magic is proud to announce that Shi Mumbi will be airing on Zambezi Magic, Channel 162 from the 3rd of April 2020.

The channel prides itself in sharing local stories and Shi Mumbi, a well-known and much-loved skit comedy that is equally enjoyed by the Zambian market has been given a new home on the leading local channel.

“We are continuously on the look-out for new content that resonate with our audience and sometimes existing content that is loved makes it an easy and obvious conclusion for the business to pursue.” said Mosibudi Pheeha, Channel Head of Zambezi Magic.

The channel has now licensed the astounding show and trusts that its existing fan base will enjoy the new stories. For those who have not yet experienced the comedic and mischievous ways of Shi Mumbi are sure to discover a new show to enjoy.

Pheeha further mentioned that she and the team are excited to be in partnership with Isaac Moonga from Dope Productions who is no stranger to household screens or the channel. Moonga produced Zed Access, a 1-hour music show special that aired on Zambezi Magic in 2018 as well as Zisinsi which is currently on air.

When asked what makes Shi Mumbi different from other content that is currently airing on Zambezi Magic, Pheeha stated that the channel offers comedies that have fast become household names. She concluded by stating that Shi Mumbi will ensure that the viewers are kept entertained on the channel by talented Aubrey Luo, the mischievous Shi Mumbi, Rita Bwalya who plays the role of Rosemary as well as Chimanga Munalula who plays the role of Belinda.

Get ready for rib cracking comedy and stay entertained on Zambia’s leading storyteller- Zambezi Magic



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