African politics, Zambia, included, have two political weaknesses; they attack people and neglect issues, and they are rooted in politics of tribe or clan or race or group synergy. This, however, has also been the weakest link to progress and real development. The result has been electing true dunderhead, riffraff and politically malnutritional idea minds. Each five years, Zambia put a “head” at the helm of the “state.” But this head is as brainless as the uncertain future it espouses. The outcomes have been obvious: More corruption, more poverty and more undemocratic tendencies. The cows become fat, and the rats rot!

In 2021, Zambia should do everything to elect HH. HH is not a saint, and I don’t believe that he is charismatic enough to move millions to elect him. But HH is critically better than Edgar Lungu. For one, Lungu is a president of convenience; you need people like Lungu in power when you run out of ideas or when an incumbent dies without properly naming or grooming a successor. Presidents like Lungu are maintainers; they keep what another has engineered, but they are bad maintainers, too. They tend to worsen the situation than they found it. Given five more years, Lungu will lead Zambia into hell – unspeakable poverty, uncontrollable corruption and blatant disregard for democratic institutions and traditions. He has no gravitas to be a dictator – but he has the wisdom to be a soft one. And that is where the problem lies; he cannot control the minions that galvanize his already confused policies, and he cannot discipline the sycophants. He is left to be a de facto figurehead and an indecisive ruler.

HH, on the other hand, will not be any different from any other presidents before him, but he will be better: He will do less damage in the first five years of his office – because in Zambia, like in Africa, first always wins. He will be fresh, and therefore, he will be more willing to help the people, at least, before he becomes corrupted like any presidents before him. Give him credit – he has endured all, failed many times but he has decided to hang in there. If not for anything, Zambia must not disregard a leader who has endurance. He is better placed to fight corruption, poverty and democratic failures – at least in comparison to President Lungu.

If Zambia gives the PF another five years (it does not make me happy to state the obvious), I will be writing again at this forum of the rampant corruption, poverty and disregard for rule of law that will follow. Lungu and the PF will be emboldened to go full throttle to damage anything and everything in their way. They will get richer (at least PF worshippers) and the people of Zambia will feed on more and more lies, while reaping more poverty and more disillusionment.

To President HH, you must win this next election – if you don’t, you will be responsible for the misery that Zambians will face post-election. Your party, has the necessary structures and peoples to win a substantive election. All you need is a strategy (remember “Don’t Kubeba” for the PF), you can defeat PF at their own game of rigging and corruption. If you fail to win, you will force people like me to leave my comfortable life in Canada and return to Zambia and lead a movement towards zero poverty, zero corruption and zero “undemocracies.”

By Charles Mwewa



  1. Comment:If HH is better than Lungu as you seem to suggest are the elections of 2021 about these two Zambians or is he better than all the 17 million Zambians? Apart from his personal dubious achievements, what has he done at national level or public sector to deserve the accolades you’re putting on him? These are the mistakes we make trying to glorify some one who has not shown any leadershin at branch or ward level to lead the whole nation.

  2. Comment: Hakahinde’s politics are home based fit only to rule his family or indeed his party and not national. Opposition party leaders who can be future leaders are seen by their actions and natural intelligence. They are not the hakahinde type. Examples are many to show this. 1 hakahinde’s politics of opposing everything are politics without deeper and future analysis, eg how can a future president oppose the enactment of the Bill of rights as part of the national constitution? Now look, was it not hakhinde crying after having been arrested for treason to date he is posting complaints of how he was treated on social media, but the Bill of rights he was against are the ones that released him from detention. 2 hakahinde today is accusing the police of killing innocent mob killers and supporting these mob killers to be left alone because they have no guns with which they are killing people . Where is the logic? should hakahinde start crying again if people say he is projecting people who are killing innocent people through mob Justice? Zambins are committing this crime 1to deter would be gassers to do what others are doing for fear of being killed. 2 There people within these mobs who are instigating others to kill innocent people to instill fear in the general population of Zambia. These are murderers who also deserve death. 3 In any given area where these men in uniform work to protect us, they highly out numbered by the mobs that they try to control and in hakahinde’s thinking these men and women in uniform who are always attacked by the mobs will just stand and wait to hacked by the mobs. The guns they carry are one used to frighten the people by shooting warning shots which may stray and kill 2 The guns are for their protection. The police will not just stand there watching a man with a panga or axe coming near them and not use a gun to protect themselves. Ba hakahinde doesn’t analyze issues before making statements about these same issues. Now is this person who can lead people in a nation like ours Taku, ulabecha musankwa.


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