Is the eligibility of ECL for a third term a predetermined ruling by concourt?

One wonders why these cadres can turn out with impunity disregarding and obstructing road users with their so called solidarity for ECL.
Why the solidarity?

Is the ruling already known by PF?

Is concourt PF structure?

Cry The Beloved Zambia which has turned into a banana republic under ECL. If judicial can be arm twisted in this way, then judgement for the poor and the opposition shall always be biased.


  1. Banana republics are more Honorable. They earn more money per tonne of bananas they export than you do from your tonne of copper exported at even high production cost. Zambia is just a Cassava Republic.

  2. A Cassava Republic also produces perennial cassava that sustains poor people throughout the year. Zambia is a Cholera Republic where those in government don’t know how to plan, but turn to arrest people who complaint about the mischief of government leaders.


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