The PF government has allowed the Zambia army to carry out a secret army recruitment and selected recruits have since been sent for training in Central Province, military sources revealed.

A source involved in the recruitment and training has confirmed that the army recruited last month and the training has now entered the second week.

‘Yes we recruited and I can confirm that the recruits are now in the second week of training at one of our training facilities in Central Province,’ an army officer confirmed.

Early this week there were speculations on social media platforms that the defence wings were conducting recruitments.

Zambia National Service (ZNS) Spokesperson Major Mathews Thole and Zambia Army Spokesperson David Sanene issued statements yesterday claiming that there was no recruitment adding that the defence wings always advertise in print and electronic media whenever recruitments are done.

In August 2015 the defence Ministry advertised for recruitment of 1,500 officers and recruits in the three defence wings and close to 300,000 youths applied but no names have been released to date though some relatives to ministers and PF cadres were picked and trained in December 2015.

By April 2016 the then Defence Minister Richwell Siamunene was still lying in parliament that his Ministry was still scrutinising the names due to overwhelming response.
From the time the PF formed government in 2011, only one ‘open’ recruitment of defence forces was conducted in 2012 while the rest have been secret recruitments involving defence forces and the police.



  1. The problem we have today is the party in question. I have the word to urge the citizens of zambia to be aware is that PF is recruiting its own people on party standard and not on merit. I foresee that one day we shall face the mistakes of leadership of the day in a painful way. PF is selective and if left unchecked, there will be catastrophe where the leaders engaging his people to protect him and not to defend the country.


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