Moise Katumbi


Democratic Republic of Congo -DRC Presidential Aspirant Moise Katumbi says Zambians should be proud that they have a president who is focused on development.

Mr. Katumbi says the unprecedented development taking place in Zambia can only be achieved with a leadership that is centered on serving its people.

He says President Edgar Lungu has a vision to develop Zambia judging by the infrastructure development taking place in the country.

Mr. Katumbi says a focused leadership, coupled with peace, stability and democracy will see Zambia’s economy growing even further.

He says having been a Governor for Katanga Province in the DRC, he is aware of the amounts of money involved in road construction, and other infrastructure.

In an Interview in Kitwe, Mr. Katumbi said there are a lot of lessons that the DRC can learn from Zambia’s economic progress.

Mr. Katumbi also advised the opposition in Zambia to appreciate the works of the government, adding that criticism is normal in a democracy, but that it should be constructive.

He said the peace and rule of law that exist in Zambia is the envy for many African countries.

Mr. Katumbi said Zambia’s democracy has grown over the years, as the opposition are free to criticize government without fear.

Mr. Katumbi is in Kitwe after being denied entry into the DRC and has until Wednesday to file his nomination papers ahead of the anticipated democratic polls in the neighbouring country.