..15 news cases recorded in Lusaka

President Edgar Lungu has directed for the temporary closure of Nakonde Border effective tomorrow 11 May 2020, health minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya has disclosed.

The closure comes after the surge in COVID-19 cases in the area and to facilitate for mass screening ,contact tracing and to ensure that various measures are implemented to avoid further spread of the virus into and out of Nakonde which has now become the epicenter.

Speaking during the latest update, Dr Chilufya therefore said cases in Nakonde are being analysed and validated and a comprehensive figure will be given in tomorrow’s update.

Dr Chilufya however disclosed that 15 new cases have been recorded in Lusaka out of the 250 tests done in the last 24 hours while 5 more discharges have also been recorded.

“The cases are 1 from Chilanga 3 from Chawama,3 are from Chipata compound, the other 3 are from the catchment area of Levi Mwanawasa hospital,1 is from Ngombe and from 3 people who traveled via Ethiopian airlines through Kenneth Kaunda International Airport” he said.

He said cummulatively cases now stand at 267 with discharges at 170, while active cases are 143 with 7 deaths.

“With effect from tomorrow no traffic will be allowed in and out of Nakonde and please ensure that you stay at home” Dr Chilufya said and assured that a swift responce will be done in a multisectoral approach with other line ministries to ensure that all is done effectively.

Dr Chilufya further assured that government is being transparent at every stage and clarrified that the President is not being misled with the numbers emphasizing that numbers of cases are reported as they are received.

“We have no business playing around with numbers, we have no business of not being transparent because that does not add value to the COVID-19 response” Dr Chilufya said.




  1. What am failing to understand is that nearly everyday there ‘s an increase in the contraction of COVID-19 and all the more is persons who entered through airport.
    Why dont you close all the boarders? The PF government has received a lot of donations to curb the deadly virus decease but we have not seen them velmently as they do with their material campaign where they even throw in the streets
    Where have you taken this material?


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