Chisamba Lungu
Chisamba Lungu

Analysis by Sydney Chama Chisoko


1 Point away from Home is not bad. Mbesuma again scored sad he picked up an early Knock which couldn’t keep him long on the pitch. Mweene again has shown us that despite being on bench at his clubs. He did some good serves even when he picked up a knock. Ziyo Tembo and Sunza looked to be a partnership we can start counting though We gave a penalty. Kalaba in his new role looked like a player with few touches he had today he was not selfish. Kapumbu on the left he did well and Cameroon has little time on his side.


The entire midfield was Loadsheded. CHAILA was deep in defence his passes where bad he kept losing his marker and he failed to create space. Kabaso went to sleep in the first half even part of second half allowing Cameroon enjoy there day. Chisamba Was given a wrong role making his life difficult as a left winger. The boy enjoys running with the ball from the midfield in to the wing. Kangwa he was not thinking like always on the right wing each time he was on the ball. Silwimba i even dont know why he was brought on its like having double number 2s.


Benching Fwayo Tembo. Playing Kola as a lone striker. Chansa would have come earlier.
Good luck boys we have now 25% of qualifying to world cup.



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