Edgar Lungu has called on South African based prophet Shephard Bushiri to shut up and realize that Zambia as a sovereign state that has a right to decide who comes into the country. He praised the decision by the Religious Minister Godfridah Sumaili to deny entry to Prophet Ubert Angel the spiritual father to Bushiri into Zambia saying each country has got rules and laws that governs it.

President Lungu stressed that it is the preserve of the country to deny or allow entry any person of concern.

The President was commenting on the flamboyant Zimbabwean preacher Uebert Angel who was recently denied entry into the country.

He refuted assertions made in some sections of the media that Prophet Angel was deported.

He explained to Journalists on arrival at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport last evening that the clergyman in question was not deported but was denied entry into the country.

“We did not deport him we just refused them entry, we have the right as a sovereign state to decide who comes and goes out of the country. That’s our preserve as a nation.” He said. “So let that man (Shepherd Bushiri) who is threatening our people (Godfridah Sumaili, Bishop Banda and Imakando) shut up because this is our country. I support the decision by the Religious Minister and the Home Affairs Minister to deny them entry”, he said.

Mr. Lungu said its normal for a country to deny entry a person it does not want to host.

The President pointed out that Zambia has the right to protect and defend the values of the country.

He urged the aggrieved persons to follow the process by finding out why they have been denied entry into the country rather than ranting. He was doubted reports that Bushiri was in the country yesterday. “I don’t think he dare to enter. Our men and women in uniform were on high alert to deny him entry also. He did enter, then it is unfortunate and as government, we shall investigate and bring those people who facilitated his illegal entry to book”

President Edgar Lungu returned home from Malabo the capital city of Equatorial Guinea where he had gone to attend the fourth African Union (AU) C10 summit.

The Presidential challenger carrying the Head of state touched down Kenneth Kunda international airport at 23:00 hours local time.
He was received by Vice President Ingone Wina, cabinet ministers, service chiefs, senior government and party officials.


  1. Lungu I always support you but on this one am sorry I can’t even try to vote for you next election bring our prophets they done nothing wrong

  2. Ministry of Religious Affairs needs someone who is spiritually gifted in the things of God, I mean someone who has the spirit of discernment (ability to tell the difference between gifts that come from the Spirit and those that do not), as outlined in 1 Cor. 12:10. The bible further says we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities(spiritual beings). Acts 5:34-39, we find Prof. Gamaliel in the bible advising the Council of Pharisees to be careful with the way they are treating men of God. He goes on to advise that If something is of human origin it does not last, but if it is from God you can not possibly defeat them. You could find yourself fighting against God. Therefore, this ministry is different from any other ministries as this one deals with spiritual matters.

  3. I’m None Partisan & Not Very Keen On Politics. I Believe Christianity & Politics Shuld Never Meet.Why Are The So Called Prophets Venturing Into Political Affairs…Instead Of Practicing The Word Of God-the Bible.There Will Always Be Differences In Politics But Not In God’s Word…I’m Not Judging But The Word States,”you Will Know Them By Their Deeds…


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