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“God does nothing except he reveals to his servants the Prophet” (Amos 3:7) Once again a mighty congratulations to his Excellency president Edgar Chagwa Lungu on your victory at the August 11,2016 elections. The Lord is with you. On September 30,2016 in this Ethihad airways flight bound to Pakistan for revival meetings again the Lord opened my spiritual eyes and l saw a new Satanic agenda for Nigeria and Zambia. You ask Why these two nation’s? They are Christian powerhouses of Africa. Listen ZAMBIA has in the Spirit realm taken over as the CHRISTIAN POWERHOUSE OF AFRICA overtaking Nigeria…EDGAR LUNGU IS IT’S FLAGBEARER!

I saw a final plot to systematically take over Africa…with Nigeria and Zambia pencilled down. The victory of his Excellency stopped at that moment this assignment. .it was tagged AN OPEN BATTLE…It was lost! Satan is very interested in Zambia! Same way it is interested in Nigeria. Now I reveal the SILENT INFILTRATION! THE SILENT BATTLE! …… PLANS TO PLANT SATANISTS IN THIS GOVERNMENT EXPOSED! Beloved Zambia…Beloved president remember my March 2016 ritual killings prophecy ever before it’s manifested…remember the August 9,2016 prophecy and it’s manifestation.

There is a silent agenda to plant 3 Satanist into this current government BUT IT WILL NOT SUCCEED! Zambia fast October 7-13,2016…7days praying..”O Lord arise..seal Zambia with your fire…Let satanists scatter and fall in Jesus name. What is their agenda? Slow down the great plan of God to make Zambia the Dubai of Africa..reverse the Zambia status of A CHRISTIAN NATION. I heard SATAN IS NOT HAPPY ZAMBIA WAS DECLARED A CHRISTIAN NATION! To his Excellency President Edgar Lungu you will remain in my prayers…you are at the centre point of Satanic hatred but sheilded by Jesus Christ. The Lord is speaking. .”ln the pursuit of Zambia unity and Oness be vigilant and watchful. ..Yes forgive all BUT BEWARE OF ALL!….Satanists with the banner of repentance and spirit of all inclusion wants to infiltrate..not everyone wishes you well or wants your mission to take Zambia to the promise land fulfilled!. 3 has been earmarked. .they will fail in their Satanic agenda! ZAMBIA IS A CHRISTIAN NATION! Some have warned l keep silent over Zambia. ..I don’t intend to follow such orders!

Nigeria and Zambia has been pencilled out for take over spiritually! While that of Nigeria began in 2014….Zambia is just about to begin hatched before the August elections BUT SHALL FAIL! These will come with plans of wrong counsels.. wrong advices..His Excellency is God’s flagbearer now for is not of his choice. is an assignment! The next 6 months for Zambia is critical! I saw influx of foreigners coming to invest …I also saw an agenda for silent infiltration….CHRISTIANITY IS THE TARGET! Frustrate or slow down the plans for ZAMBIA: ECONOMIC/CHRISTIAN POWERHOUSE OF AFRICA. In appointments into positions in this government…especially key positions l advice strong prayers some instances relieving from positions any out to undermine the 5 years progressive agenda you have on ground for Zambia. God has 2 objectives for this nation…Christianity and prosperity. will be fulfilled under President Edgar lungu in Jesus name. I decree every agenda for Satanic infiltration be arrested in Jesus name…Share to all Zambians on Facebook and whatsap. .whatsap :+2348034546147…LIGHT WILL STOP THE DARKNESS IN JESUS NAME




  1. I don’t really understand exactly what he is saying. God is not of confusion but of peace. The Bible says before you talk of someone,s home check upon yours.Things are really bad in Nigeria. If he is a real man of God he needs to seek the face of God before talking about our beloved country Zambia.

  2. False prophet Edgar is a sadist not a torch bearer of God he enjoys seing people suffering even a 6 old baby knows that.Sadists are not a sign of Gods torch out false prophet stop being blasphemous to God.Edgar is the agent of the devil.His leader has no traces from God.God serve Zambia in fact idiotic prophet must immediately be deported before he cause in warranted confusion in this country.

    • What ICC? You mean you can afford to lie your self that much!:-) that’s dangerous to your health and mind:-) those elections issues are burried and forgotten:-) why not think of 2026? Forget about 2021 ofcoz it is already taken for your information:-) if you are hearing others say a word about the elections those are kicks of a dying horse

  3. These are the people who wll confront Jesus tht “we prophsied in your name!”, meanwhile it is a decieving spirit. A man of God supporting a wrong in my view is compromised & I lack faith in his word. Am sorry. Test the spirits & authenticate every prophesy, or u wll say “amen” to gloriFy diabulosi.


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