By Michael Kaluba

Zambia is set for its first electronic vehicles dealership and assembly plants with Agilitee, an industry pioneer and the first African electronic vehicles company to go to market, set to launch in Zambia in September 2021.

Phoenix staffer Michael Kaluba reports from Johannesburg, South Africa that Agilitee, an electric vehicle and green tech company that is at the forefront of the 4th industrial revolution in Africa targets to employ up to 800 Zambians in its first 8 months of operations and employ up to 2500 Zambians by the year 2024.

Speaking on the sidelines of the launch of the electric motorbikes at the Houghton hotel, Agilitee chief executive officer, Dr. Mandla lamba explained that Zambia’s mining industry is set to benefit greatly from the emergency of Africa’s home grown solutions of electronic vehicles.

Dr. Lamba says Agilitee targets manufacturing, imports and producing electric vehicles themselves, battery swapping stations and solar charging facilities to franchising and licensing African countries including Zambia.
After its launch in South Africa, agility is set to launch in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Ghana, Malawi and finally Zambia between June and September 2021 in its quest to pioneer researching, importing, manufacturing, franchising and licensing electric vehicle and ecosystems technology.


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