Opposition UPND Sinjembela Member of Parliament Mubika Mubika has been charged and arrested for theft of over One hundred and ten, 50 kilogramme bags of Maize.

The bags of maize are property of the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit and where stored at the Shangombo Food Reserve Agency (FRA) depot in Western Province.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo confirmed the arrest of Mr. Mubika 45, to ZNBC News today and that the law maker was detained at Chilenje Police Post.

Mrs. Katongo explained that the theft is alleged to have occurred between August 9 and 10th 2016 in Shangombo. The Sinjembela law maker has since been released on bond.


  1. Big shame upon the Zambia Police Force and political witch hurt aimed at intimidation and instilling fear among political opponents. The police is instructed to find faults or crimes against UPND members.

    We’ve witnessed abuse of office and public resources by those belonging to the ruling party and the police are helpless. They have no authority to investigate and arrest PF politicians.

    Selfishness, greedy, massive rooting , corruption and insecurity are causing great panic among the ruling party membership.


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