By Barotseland Broadcasting Network ,
Reporter in Limulunga

The Barotse Royal Establishment says it’s Zambia’s police’s negligence that caused yesterday clashes between the residents of Nañoko and people of dethroned Chief Chiyengele.

Addressing a gathering and aggrieved parties in limulunga this afternoon, the BRE told the people that they are not to blame for the yesterday’s happenings but the Zambia police.

The BRE stated that they had warned the Zambia police to stop the so called Cheke ceremony from taking place because there was cultural instability at Nañoko and that the atmosphere was not conducive for any ceremony but instead the police failed.

Yesterday an angry mob comprising of Nañoko and limulunga residents beat up dethroned Chief Chiyengele , Mr. Josiah Nyumbu and chased away Makishi from mukanda after some disgruntled sponsored mbundas gutted the house belonging to the new installed Chief Chiyengele in Nañoko, limulunga.


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