By Watch Reporter

Zambia has past 5,550 cases of COVID-19 since its outbreak in March this year.

According to the Ministry of Health, the country has now recorded 5,555 cases of the coronavirus, while 149 have died.

2117 cases have remained active and 90 admitted to COVID-19 centre, while 44 patients are on oxygen support machine.

The Ministry of Health says 3,289 have been treated and recovered from the deadly various that has overwhelmed the public health care system in the country.

“We have registered another facility death in Levy Mwanawasa Isolation Center. The cumulative number of deaths associated with COVID-19 now stands at 149. Following the re-classification of the deaths in which the virus has been detected, it has been determined that 41 are COVID deaths while 98 are COVID-19 associated deaths. Ten (10) deaths are yet to be classified. The COVID-19 associated deaths are those in whom COVID-19 was detected but is not the primary cause of death,” announced Dr. Kenned Malama during the daily COVID-19 updates.



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