ZAMBIA’S Ambassador to Ethiopia Emmanuel Mwamba says there is need to promote and enhance trade among African countries in order to realise the vision of an economically independent continent.

He says it is unfortunate that intra-African trade remains low as compared to trade with countries outside the continent.

He was speaking in Oromia region ,Ethiopia today when he visited SISAY Investments , one of East Africa’s largest steel manufacturing plants.

Apart from steel, Sisay Investments also manufactures paint and plastic, and is one of Ethiopia’s leading industry in East Africa.

Mr Mwamba said government’s vision was to ensure that that there was enhanced trade relations between Zambia and Ethiopia while at the same time reducing trade and immigration barriers that were hindering the two nations from trading more effectively.

He said Zambia would learn from Ethiopia on how it has managed to implement the Visa on arrival policy for all African countries.

He said the formation of the Business Forum between Zambia and Ethiopia would enhance industralisation , trade and investments in both countries.

Mr Mwamba emphasised the need to promote industralisation as a sure means of creating employment and opportunities particularly for the Youth.

He said Zambia remains one of the top investment destinations in Africa because of the attractive investment climate, established rule of law, peace and a stable governance system.

He also said investing in Zambia would also give an investor access to a larger market that includes SADC, COMESA and the fact that Zambia is geographically surrounded by eight neighbors.

And SISAY Investment Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sisay Tesfay expressed willingness to invest in Zambia.

He said Zambia’ s longterm peaceful environment and attractive investment policies are what had attracted him to invest in Zambia.

This is according to a statement issued by; Mrs. Inutu Mwanza, First Secretary for Press& Tourism at Zambian Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.



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