Are Zambians really sure that the Chinese Government can write-off over $20 million DEBT and Grant the Zambian Government with $30 million FREE MONEY? If so, then Zambians are doomed. China is interested in investment and profit making and not MUTUAL BENEFIT in all projects.

Currently, we have disputes regarding “who to takeover KCM after it was taken out of Vendata”. Surely, Government has China in preference and at the same time negotiations are being done, BOOM! China writes-off debt and Grant Zambia more money amid billions of debt. This is recolonization emanating from Zambia-China economic under-siege.

Recolonization started when the Zambian Government proposed, through Chinese Government forces, to make Chinese language mandatory in schools commencing next year. Surely, China is kicking Zambia like a ball because of billions of debt. Without benefits, the Chinese Government can’t lend free money to the Zambian Government.

I bet with you, if Zambians do not wake-up to their slumbers, they will find themselves under the colony of China (Recolonization Phase 2). Where money is concerned, there is no MUTUAL INTEREST and always, China calculate for PROFIT with Zambia calling it MUTUAL INTEREST. Stand up Zambia!


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