IT IS SETTLED! EDGAR LUNGU WINS! SHOCKERS IN CONSTITUENCIES SEATS IN ZAMBIA AUGUST 11 ELECTION…. Today August 12,2016 while still currently on my revival meetings in Pakistan.. I remind Zambia on my August 9,2016 message to Zambia on my Facebook page… prophet Isaac Amata prophecies.. “Edgar lungu wins massively in Zambia But like it happened in South Africa municipal elections.. SHOCKER! PF wins MAJORITY but surprises.. Shocks as independent wins creating upsets..I will add here due to internal issues in ruling party… Opposition will reject the results.. I still saw violence but God will intervene! EDGAR lungu will be officially sworn in for next five years.. On course to making Zambia the dubai of Africa.. I see massive green everywhere for the swearing in ceremony! Zambia will not break up.. It will instead move to the next stage like it happened in Philippines.. Hillary Clinton wins in November in USA elections… Share to all on Facebook and whatsap.. Congratulations Edgar lungu.. Congratulations Zambia.. When God says yes.. No man can say no! Whatsap :+2348034546147.. Glory to God

  2. RB is doing a wonderful job and indeed he as seen something in our president Mr lungu ,To speak and emphasize people on lungus behalf.My vote will go to lungu no matter what!! I encourage all political players to accept true results that will be announced by the e.c.z and b.b.c in order to mentain the peace we ve enjoyd for more than 50 yrs now! pf and its team are a victory for the 11 th August elections.

  3. Never vote for independent candidates as they report to no one,most of them went their own way after being left out of adoption,a sign of not being loyal. Comment yanfwa mukanga has done nothing for over rs..dat song inshita ya kusala has reall decamp him he is really a greedY and heartless man he can`t even sonta anything kuya mudala nomba aPa anthony mumba..he even failed to introduce himself wen the president had a rally in kantashi peaceup


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