Insala Kapondo (Hunger is Hunger, it can cause someone to go against his own principles)


We are sad as a party that the police are taking long to bring to book the masterminder of the Sesheke violence, PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza has said.

Speaking in an interview in Sesheke on Saturday, Mr Mwanza said it was clear to all Zambians that the Ruling PF is a peace loving party which was gainig popularity in UPND strongholds adding that the violence being witnessed in Sesheke was not being perpetrated by police but by the desparate UPND members.

He said according to investgation carried out by the ruling party, it is HH who is sponsoring UPND youths to cause violence in Sesheke as he knows he was losing the seat to PF.

“We are winning this by-election come Tuesday. HH knows UPND does not stand a chance to win that seat for he has been rejected by the people here” “So he has now resorted to violence so that the election can be cancelled but we will not allow this. We are now calling on the police to bring him to book and his followers, we believe 2021 will be better year without him in active politics”, said Antonio Mwanza.


  1. shallow mindedness at times can betray your conscious . Great appetite can corrupt your minds as well when mostly you cherish eating or eating is one of your hobbies. Anyone can be on a ballot paper HH inclusive . If a frog did it during KK era what about a human being with 6 senses at most .Any Zambian has a moral right to contest at any level regardless of tribe , region nor religion . One Zambia One nation .

  2. It’s not everyone who hates HH and certainly not everyone loves Lungu. Your hate for HH should not blindfold you to the fact that the guy is intelligent. There is nothing anyone of us can do about it.
    It bids me to say that there has been no upward movement in the living standards of our people. You are happy because ulelya mwibala lyabene. Eat while you can. Corruption very soon will carry a death sentence in Zambia.
    You are just an irritant.

  3. Zambia is Not for Mwanza, Kampyongo, Lungu and pf Thugs Only but for Us Also. How do you think of Killing Hichilema, simply because you Know you Doing Wrong Things in Zambia. The Whole World is Seing what is Happening in Zambia, it is just that you have lost Sense of Shame in Your Brain. God, Thank You for Having Allowed Hichilema to Live and Has Taught us Better Way of Living on Earth and Not these Killers. pf, your sins will hoont you soon.

  4. Country is not progressing well economically because of such political thugs with retrogressive thinking. HH will bring about better politics in Zambia, not ba pf who believe in violence to cling to power. Soon it will be history.


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