Chief Machaa


CHIEF Macha of Southern Province says some dance styles performed at public events by women should be banned because they are s*[email protected] suggestive and provocative to men.

The traditional leader said in an interview on Thursday that s*[email protected] suggestive dances, if left unchecked can lead to an increase in cases of defilement and rape.

Chief Macha said women should perform dances that are dignified to avoid being disgraced by society.

“You know the dances I am talking about, the kind where women expose their backs and all that. Some of these dances are culturally not meant for the public eye,” he said.

Chief Macha said traditions which teach young girls how to perform s*[email protected] suggestive dances at puberty must be amended.

“They have to be counseled, especially on their dances. A woman signifies beauty and therefore, should do things in a distinguished manner,” he said.

Chief Macha said most of the social challenges facing the country are due to failure by the citizenry to preserve culture and norms.

“We have tolerated and sidelined customs and traditions. We should go back to the old way of doing things. Elders need to take up their role of counseling young women and men on how to go about life,” he said.

Chief Macha said it is unfortunate that the younger generation is resisting counsel in the advent of human rights.




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