Bowman C. Lusambo
Bowman C. Lusambo

By Bowman Lusambo

Just like in politics where we have some opposition political parties who spend hours castigating His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu thinking they can offer better leadership, we also have similar characters in football administration.

Just like some opposition leaders who are experts in privatization and looting state assets and some are experts in scrap metal dealing and stripping of rail lines, we have some individuals who promised to turn around the football fortunes of this nation but they are now delivering the opposite.

Likewise in politics, some opposition leaders have never won an election but they keep hanging on to leadership positions. Some call themselves Consultants but they are afraid of defending their parliamentary seat and in turn opt to hold on to their seat through the courts of law. They continue insulting President Lungu day and night, the leader of the same party they still want to cling on to obviously because of President Lungu’s good leadership.

And others are still calling themselves political leaders by claiming that they are popular in Lamba land when no one in Lambaland even remembers them.

A similar scenario is pertaining in our beloved football fraternity. We have a group of men and women who orchestrated a change of leadership at Football House based on deceit and false propaganda.

The recent results on the pitch point to a failed administration. Infact, 2018 will go down in recent history as the worst in Zambian football. The only gift that Zambian football fans would love to receive in 2019 is a return to better results and that can only happen when we have people with the right connections and footballl knowledge running Zambian football.

Zambian football is never complete when you don’t talk about Kalusha Bwalya, Alex Chola, Godfrey Ucar Chitalu, Ashios Melu, Benjamin Bwalya and many great sons of this soil.

Sadly, many of these great players have departed but Great Kalu is still very much alive and I believe he is more than ready to help resurrect Zambian football just like he has done on many occasions.

Kalu has demonstrated unmatched passion for football development over the years as was witnessed in the aftermath of the Gabon disaster. When everyone thought Zambian football was dead and buried, Kalusha declared that “we can do it.” True to his word, three months down the line Zambia assembled a strong team that would go on to emerge #2 in Africa at Tunisia 94. He led from the front as he has always done.

It is worth noting that the players and the football administrators of the past understood the role that football plays in unifying the nation, it is therefore important that we fix this football puzzle quickly so that the nation can remain united.

I know some people will say that Government should not have a say in the running of football in the country, what is true however is that the Government of His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu is investing a lot of money in football development, just take a look at the teams in the Super League and Division One, a good number of the best performing teams are all directly and indirectly sponsored by the Government.

From ZESCO Utd, NAPSA, all service sponsored teams like Green Buffaloes, Green Eagles, Red Arrows, Nkwazi and several others to teams like the National Assembly Football Club is a confirmation that infact GRZ is the number one investor in football development in Zambia and if it were in business, GRZ would have had an equity stake in Football administration.

As a football fan, I hope for a better 2019.


  1. Mr Lusambo, in case you did not know, FIFA does not allow government to interfere in the running of football, already since you are talking as a government leader, if FAZ makes a direct complaint to FIFA, our countries football would face sanctions, in case you did not know, football results are directly tied to resources that are poured into the game of football, what you need to concern yourself with is to ensure that companies pump more resources into the game of football, look at the mines for example, how many mines are paying the right kind of assistance to football, not long ago when we had ZCCM you could see how even the Zambia National team was performing all because ZCCM was poring enough resources in football, today as an example go to Luanshya and ask how that Chinese mine is supporting Roan United, you will realize that the team is barely surviving, so if the grassroots football is cut off how do you expect football at national level to improve, sometime you guys should try to research before you start worshiping your Kalusha Bwalya. Think again before you yap.

  2. Lusambo is an empty tin the fact that he is an MP doesn’t make him intelligent to talk about anything. Clueless people like Lusambo they are a danger to society. Kalusha Bwalya had his own time and the opportunity have to contributed to football affairs but now time is long gone. FIFA have issues with him and it is important to think before you talk Lusambo talks. Lusambo you cannot compare Kalusha Bwalya to Kamanga playing football and administration of football are two separate things. Being a good player does not make someone a good football administrator.

  3. I pray that this Minister is not representing PF Government position in advocating someone who has been found guilty of corruption and bribery?


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