Yona Musukwa writes
Government Ministers and Officials are in South Africa to attend the Mining indaba.

Comrades, can you guess who they will be listening to among other speakers? UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

Very funny and sad at the same time that Ministers have to travel thousands of kilometers, outside the country, to listen to a fellow country man. Because of petty politics, because of dirty politics, because of exccessive obsession with power, they can’t have dialogue with him, they can’t even give him space or cover him pa ZNBC. Because he is a threat to their hold on power, he has been declared enemy number one.

We need to learn to start to listen to each other. We need to start to appreciate our own, our own shining diamonds, to give them space to contribute to the development of this country. You don’t need to like HH or his politics, but you can’t deny the fact that he is one of Zambia’s shining diamonds, a success. The world is recognizing this Zambian shinning diamond, that’s why they are having him at this world important indaba, because he has something to contribute.

I just hope our Ministers won’t be frowning their faces as HH is speaking.



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