By Barotseland Broadcasting Network

The Zambian government is worried and scared about the African-Americans who are coming to back to Barotseland.

According to information from the Intelligence, the sources have disclosed to Barotseland Broadcasting Network that the Zambian Government is afraid of the Black-American that they might finance the Linyungandambo Movement to fight for the independence of Barotseland.

The have also disclosed that the African American team have Millions Projects that they intend to implement and uplift the living standards the people of Barotseland.

The Zambian Government is now trying to squeeze and fit in the Programs when the whole program was supposed to be lead by the Kuta.

Just last month the Zambia Police canceled the meeting in Livingstone which was supposed to be held on the 31st May. The Livingstone police commander granted them to go ahead but the Lusaka cancelled it on the last minute.

In Lusaka the meeting also almost failed as people were scared of been arrested as the police tried to stop them.

The Zambia government is scared because the African Americans are coming with huge moneys and projects to be implemented. The BRE gave them a Land in Namushekendi were they will to build their headquarters .

The home coming party will be held in Namushekendi starting on 6th to the 14th August 2019. During the same event people will showcase their skills, professions and other skills needed in order to develop the Kingdom.

According to Eric Antony Sheppard, President and Founder of The Diversity Restoration Solutions (DRS) Inc. – USA says the first slave ship that came from Angola to America which arrived in Virginia,USA in 1619 most of the slaves it carried were from southern central Africa and particularly from Barotseland.

African – Americans will be commemorating their 400th annivesary after being taken away from africa their motherland into slavery in the America

International Medias such as BBC, CNN, SABC, FRANCE24 and AlJazeera will cover the proceedings live from Barotseland. it will be like the just ended centenary cerebrations which took place in france though zambia will cerebrate it on the 25th of november 2018 despite the fact that zambia never participated in world war1 , there was no zambia In 1918.



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