Zambian people deserve to know who was behind the gassing of people’s…
Catholic Bishops have said that the Zambian people deserve to know who was behind the gassing of people’s houses using unknown chemicals that characterized the country early this year.

Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops President George Lungu has urged Zambians to demand for answers from the Authorities over the gassing incidences that tormented people in the country.

In his Homily at Saint Anne’s Cathedral in Chipata, Bishop Lungu said both young and old people were killed during the gassing incidences but wondered why there is too much silence on the matter from the authorities.

He has demanded for answers from the Authorities over the gassing incidences saying failure to tell the nation the truth may ignite the gassing in future.

“People need to know what the cause of the monster that led to the killing of innocent citizens over gassing was. PF Government must tell the people”, he said.

Bishop Lungu lamented that Zambians were tormented over this issue not long ago and silence from the Government shows that they don’t care.

“People much challenge the situation otherwise this evil scheme that change peace loving Zambians will repeat itself”, he added.

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  1. The law must visit those devils regardless of their political, religious and social status. No one should be sacred cow.

  2. Its said that silence means guilt the government knows who was involved in gassing if it was something done by opposition by now all those involved could have been arrested.Since then sparks who was suspected to be the master minder the story changed to murder caused a long time ago but still people want the trueth who was behind gassing ?,The IG and his Deputy the statement were different but from one office ,Mr Kapyongo has been mute and he is the one who was boasting of bringing to book the one involved but up to now he hasn’t brought to book with all men in uniform under him. .Anyway one day I will be happy if I see some of these ministers behind bars because of trouble they have been creating


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