“Just from how GBM, Kambwili, Miles Sampa, Mulenga Sata complained about how hard their lives has become when in opposition, I realised politics is cruel. There is nothing genuine in politics especially if in opposition. If you align yourself with the ruling party you’re safe.

This makes me not to get shocked or surprised when I see some opposition leaders aligning themselves to PF like ba Mayo ba Nawakwi, CK, PEP, Tayali, Pule nabambi abashala.

I also don’t get shocked to see those calling themselves political giants end up joining PF like GBM, Belemu, Kakoma. They just need a living.

Politics in Zambia is not about providing leadership or solutions to the needs of the people, its all about how rich I can become, how my belly can eat.
If you refuse to join PF and you’re in opposition, you will dance. That’s the case of Romeo Kang’ombe. Now he will be in jail.

Kambwili made a right decision for himself and his family not for NDC and the nation. Otherwise the man wouldn’t have stood punch for punch. Same as GBM, he would have just died of hunger in opposition.

What reasons have Hon Belemu and Comrade Charles Kakoma given for defecting from UPND to PF?
they both said we were relegated. Only personal reasons.
1. Comrade Charles Kakoma from Spokesperson he was made Chairman for Trade industry and Commerce.
2. Hon Belemu was is MP. So neglected how?
Mbabala has over 8 aspiring candidates and that’s what angered Hon Belemu. Fear of democratic process.

Its about food.

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  1. The observations made are correctly stated as politics today in is about the belly. Politicians follow and align themselves to the political party in power. No wonder the economic performance of Zambia has always been low and majority of our people are poor. Politicians have neglected and forgotten that they are supposed to be servants of people and push for developmental agenda to provide quality public service delivery. Political offices’ priority should be service to the people first.

    Ninety – nine percent seek political positions not to serve but to get employment so that one could raise their status in society both financially and potently. There is also getting connected with dubious ways of money and other incentives that accompany politics especially when one is in party in government. That is why it is frustrating in Zambian politics people do not fight to bring systemic change to the political environment instead they all fight to remove the president as an individual. On the other hand, the president in power will try by all means to introduce laws that will enhance their stay in power. We have the same recycled politicians just moving from one political party to another taking advantage of the ignorance of the majority poor and illiterate people in Zambia. The question I am asking is that who benefits when someone is elected to the position of Member of Parliament whether to the party in government or in the opposition? Is it the people and community or it is himself /herself and immediate family?

    The Constitution of Zambia should not only limit the tenure of office for the President but also for all other political positions such as Members of Parliament and Councilors should only allow someone to serve maximum of two terms in a particular portfolio. Some MPs opposing the third term of President Edgar Lungu have been MPs for more than 10 years, can we say that it is democratic?


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