A Zambian Lusaka Youth only indentified as Patrick Pearson Kabandula has committed Suicide after predicting his death on his Facebook Account.

Patrick Kabandula was part of Zathu Musiq Promoters as they have confirmed his dimise on their official Facebook page.

According to the Facebook posting before committing Suicide, Patrick Pearson Kabandula stated that he was dying the next day because it was time for him to go.

He posted “It’s time now to leave this world, I would like to say sorry to everyone I’ve dissapointed but enough is enough. Tomorrow i will meet my Destiny, its time to go(Die)now” he posted.

His Facebook friends were quick to advise him not to commit suicide but immediately seek for help because whatever situation he was facing had a solution.

But their advise went in vain as of Yesterday, Patrick Pearson Kabandula was found dead.




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