Zambia’s Trade Kings Limited has told off its employees leaking information to the Media on its perpetual poor conditions of service to resign if they so wished becuase they were Lazy and only good at sex.

Company Chairman Mohammed Iqbal Patel who is paying himself over K157, 000 as salary says Trade Kings Limited will not allow any female employees in the company premises with their hand bags because they are stealing lollipops.

But the company is said to be paying its Zambian workers K1, 250 per month while paying workers of Asian origin and in the middle Management not less than K25, 000 as salaries per month.

Company Chairman Mohammed Iqbal Patel, co-shareholder Zaid Patel together with Company Chief Executive officer Siraj Chenia are paying themselves well over K130, 000 per month.

Top government officials especially in the Ministry of Labour are said to have been placed on the company’s monthly salaries in order to hide its injustices and poor conditions while abusing the employees.

A source close to Mohammed Iqbal Patel, Zaid Patel and Siraj Chenia told this media that top three have been boasting that no single complaint from the Zambian employees will ever receive attention from top government officials as they were all on their payroll.

Following this impasse, it is highly likely that Drug Enforcement Commission, Anti Corruption Commission, Health Professionals Council of Zambia and several line wings will move in though with the awash reported corruption money from the firm’s top officials, this may not yield results.


And Trade Kings Limited Chairman Mohammed responded by calling Zambians lazy who failed to even dig Copper which was given to them by God and that Trade Kings Limited is different from KCM.

“Don’t think trade kings and KCM are the same..KCM came in because some people couldn’t even dig copper which GOD gave them.. while TK started a company from scratch which many would describe as a miracle…those complaining can resign and work for other companies and keep crying for delay in getting salaries..mind you TK is a Zambian company,” said Trade Kings Limited.

-Mwebantu Zambia



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