By ‎Charles Chikoko Malembeka‎



Zambians are Passive.
We are in deed Passive.
We forget, ignore and accept easily. We are not a people who holds on to an issue for a long time.

We are slowly accepting this ZESCO Loadshading thing. We can’t see the two hours from ESCOM SA,but we have just kept quiet now. All has become normal and ZESCO is almost getting away with it.
The only sad part is the fact that as Leaders,we should NEVER take advantage of those that we lead.

Your Exellency,if only Government could Priotise ELECTRICITY to Roads,it would be good for Citizens.
In as much as we all want this Infrustructure Developments,it should not be at the expense of Zambians Livelihood. We managed to spend $42 million dollars on Fire Tenders that are just packed and wearing out today for lack of fire burns….

As Citizens, this may even cause us to think that those Fires were Stage managed just to allow us to buy those over priced Fire Tenders.
Zambians Love You Your Exellency,but some of the People surrounding You are tarnishing Your Image.

Aluta Continua!



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