16th May 2019

History is about to repeat itself, PF will be kicked out like a stubborn greedy pig from the feasting table. No amount of intimidation or appeasement will save the PF regime being kicked out in the most disgraceful manner. It’s very clear that the PF regime will be humiliated worse than the UNIP and MMD regimes.

It’s very clear now that the PF regime is panicking and the more they panic the more mistakes they will commit that will make them more and more unpopular. PF is now unleashing the last kicks of the dying horse aiming at innocent Zambians. However, Zambians are very much accustomed to this behavior whenever the change of Government is near. What makes PF a very vicious pig on the feasting table is the way they have looted this Country with impunity, little did they realize that one day they will be answerable for all this. This is not retribution but justice.

Ba PF don’t pretend that you are not aware of the mood in the Country? That’s why today any one can cheat you that he will dismantle UPND and you follow such people blindly. Zambians are resolved to kick you out together with such puppets. The pain and anguish you have caused the Zambian people is unbearable. As UPND we are very much aware of your dirty maneuvers to cling to power by any means. But remember that you are just worsening your situation as you will be punished for that too.

Your desperation is sending you crazy; you are even victimizing innocent people as if this will help you in a way. What wrong did the employees of Simon Mwamsa Kapwepwe Airport do to be treated in the manner you did? What you are forgetting is that such behavior is just annoying people. You lack proper judgment, what made you think that HH needed your permission to attend a Church service? On the other hand you tell people to observe a National Day of Prayers? You are the worst hypocrites that ever lived on earth. God is now exposing you for every Zambian to know who you are.

Your desperation is just making UPND and HH more popular by antagonizing the Churches. By the time we reach 2021 you will be so unpopular that you will only be moving at night. Remember this; UNIP was kicked out of power when an average could afford three meals a day. Zambians are now starving under PF regime.

Yes indeed, Zambians are set to remove the pig from the feasting table. UPND and HH are equal to the task. Zambians will be liberated very soon freedom is coming tomorrow.

*Percy Chanda*
*UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter*



  1. Good reminder brother let them think that one day even the water were that boat is can dry up were do they go the boat will sink in the mad


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