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I am currently in Pakistan for revival meetings. Today October 2,2016 the Lord gave me a message to the President of Zambia. .Edgar Lungu and the people of Zambia. He said..”To my chosen one…his Excellency, Edgar Lungu l have given you victory! To Zambia Rejoice….I helped you through the wilderness of August and September,2016…l averted bloodshed. .I turned darkness into light. Where other nations plunged into chaos and wars…I intervene for Zambia.

..Zambians be thankful for darkness almost swallowed you but l refused! I spoke through my servant on August 9,2016 to Zambia from Pakistan. ..now l speak again….let your October national day of prayers be declared a day of thanksgiving! Let all breadth of Zambia give thanks…business men and women..workers…politicians…all citizens etc…

ln doing this l will frustrate any further plans against your nation…yes evil plans are still looming but they are bound to fail!..So thanksgiving! The next 6 months are seasons of foreign investment influx..great days ahead for Zambia. ” Zambia l decree all serving ministers has began. ..they shall finish their terms despite the enemies evil plots….victory always for them all…I Prophet lsaac AMATA has delivered the message….wisdom shall follow..share to all Zambians on facebook and whatsap. .prepare for thanksgiving! ….like my facebook page..prophet lsaac amata prophecies. ..Whatsap : +2348034546146…Glory to Jesus




  1. can someone get rid of this nonsense please!! i think Nigeria has a much larger population than Zambia, Nigeria needs you more than Zambia, Mr prophet sir.get out the log from your eye first, mr prophet sir.

  2. which prophet plz?the one who spent a week at a cetain lodge n lusaka sleeping wth prostitutes.kahuule kaja wht can he tel us.the man i can trust z bushiri who predicted tht lungu ll collapse it came to pass he further said lungu ll die in february next year.

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  4. Jesus said to his disciples go to people and teach them the good news about the messiah. Those who are going to believe baptise them and those who are not going to hear you leave them .so ba amata please don’t false people of zambia to believe in you or in your prophecy zambia is a Christian nation and is among of the peaceful country in the world despite of the outsiders who are planing to put dirty in our country


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