Wednesday 13th June 2018



They say that when you fight corruption it fights back with double force. When you see institutions of good governance like the Office of the Auditor General, the Financial Intelligence Centre and the Judiciary being fought right, left and centre and the Anti Corruption Commission being turned into the Corruption Commission, then you must know that corruption is fighting back viciously. Thieves are not only insecure people but highly unpredictable.

Zambia is under siege by PF thieves, who are now putting up a very vicious fight that this Country has never seen. These PF thieves are even taking this war to innocent people like HH and the UPND. Its sheer madness to start attacking the Financial Intelligence Centre whose crime is only to tell the Zambians and the World at large that the PF Government is a Government of thieves. What these thieves in PF want is to be glorified for looting this Country. Whoever questions them is fought with maximum force.

Ask yourself what has made the PF cadres graduated from PANGAS to GUNS now; this is to instill fear in the Zambian people and continue stealing public resources. What we are seeing now is just a tip of the iceberg in terms the violence that will follow any election. Zambians must unite and save this Country from these PF thieves. As UPND we must up our game to save this Country from these rampaging thieves. The Church must come on board and denounce these PF thieves, after all stealing is a sin. The media too must be fearless in exposing the PF thieves. We must not fear these thieves or glorify them. We are just too many to be defeated by thieves.

Very soon you will hear that they have started killing one another because of insecurity. A thief is a very insecure and morally weak person. First they are terrorizing us the innocent people but they won’t end here because what they have stolen is too much. For their safety they will start eliminating one another. By being quiet you are not safe under these PF thieves.

Thieves survive lynching from people by promoting confusion, which we are now seeing in this Country. When the cadres were moving with guns in Chilanga no one from the PF condemned that, but after achieving what they wanted that’s when you have heard cosmetic statements condemning their sponsored violence. This clearly demonstrates that this violence has the full blessings of State House. It is a mere mockery to condemn violence after blood has been shed. There is no sorry after death. Next time they will be using bombs against Zambians.

As Nation we must realize that UKUPOKA ICIMBALA KWISHILU KULIPEPEKA. We are not only dealing with thieves but mad people as well. Too much of anything is bad, and clearly the PF leadership has been driven mad because of too much stealing. I don’t think people defending and glorifying these thieves in PF are normal. Let us all unite and save this Country.

Percy Chanda

UPND – Freedom Fighter and Chairman for Mines and Minerals Development



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