God is great…

My people thank you for your rapid response and generosity…
Lets Go through the Update
So we have removed granny stone crushing business. She is not going back there. Never!!!

Giving out money to people is not helping at all. So tommorow we commence to make a ka Ntemba for granny. The young boy at home who she keeps can be helping in the sales while we arrange for him to go back to school. Martin has volunteered to be helping them balance and do stock taking. Now you ask why cant she just sit? Well she can but that’s dangerous.

Granny is used to working, heaping her like a school of mealie meal and she sits doing nothing is psychologically straining, you can kill the old lady fast like that. Let her sit in her ka ntemba, we will fill it up and she can be selling. We will arrange how orders will be done and like I’ve said Martin will assit with the stock taking and getting other things. We putting on veggies, tomatoes, onions, we will buy some lollipops giggies, boom paste Colgate and other things..We will help her manage..

We have come up with a system of total transparency.. I have contacted the catholic Priests in Livingstone. Today will tabulate everything collected and send it to Rev Father Lengwe who is in charge of the Priests in training there in Livingstone.

Once that is done we will not collect a single coin. All donations will be handled and from them on Fathers will administer the funds as well as receive any donations.
Once again we are totally grateful on behalf granny. God replenish and Carter for your needs … Yours Mwaba Mutale
God Bless!!



  1. Wht are the facts about the lady? Does she hv children? If so, where are they and wht are they doing? We hv serious social problems in Zambia both in urban and rural areas.

  2. Max, those are good questions. However, the fact that the old lady is on the street crushing stones, is a cause which motivated the mover of the idea to retire her from the hard job.
    so many other questions can be asked, but alas we may not get answers, all shall remain speculations. Those who will volunteer to help,will assume as though the old lady does not have an support structure, and that is the starting point.
    For those who related to the old lady, including children or grand children who for some reason might have ignored their responsibilities, only God and time will tell for them. No one applies to be old, but time will catch up.

  3. These are the things we who call ourselves Christians are to be doing unlike just boasting that God has given us riches…look at job in the Bible who had a lot if wealth at the same time was a huge blessing to his community


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