Christopher Katongo

FORMER Chipolopolo striker and Captain, Christopher Katongo has bemoaned the level of ungratefulness among Zambians on sports men and women that bring glory to the nation.

Katongo said footballers especially those that won the 2012 Afcon tournament are no longer appreciated and are now subjected to insults among fans, regardless of the effort they have made to improve the sport.

He said he decided to retire early from football at the age of 30 because he could not handle the pressure and insults from Zambians.

He has since called for mind-set change among Zambians and not only wait upon government to bring about that change.

He notes that it is saddening that footballers are given much more respect when they are in foreign countries than when they are in Zambia.

Katongo in an interview on Millennium Radio’s ‘Sunday Personality Chat’ said in as much as negative criticism was needed, it should not be at the expense of denouncing those that have worked hard to lift the Zambian flag higher.

Katongo retired from active football in 2016 to take up a coaching career with Green Buffaloes Football Club after playing for the national team from 2003.


  1. But you become a full Sergent in accordance with your qualifications.
    Your misbehaviour at the Hotel in Ndola cost your reputation.
    But it is up to your to do what you can. We all make mistakes, but we must learn to appologise and get on.

  2. Chris, us supporters and fans of the national team(from the 60’s to 2018) appreciate the efforts you guys made to bring glory and happiness to the country. It is only that as individuals, we can’t show this appreciation in monetary terms because we are financially crippled. If FAZ could set up a trust fund for all national team players, maybe this would make sense. We appreciate you but we have no money. Of course once in a while supporters say bad things about you guys. Lack of monetary support in your later fragile years even make the disparaging remarks more painful to former players. But if there was adequate financial support, most former players wouldn’t feel they are not appreciated. I like Great Kalu’s attitude. He is one person who does not mind whether he is being appreciated or not. Always running quietly like a stream of water in autumn.

  3. So Mr Katongo are you telling me that you are 32 years old now? Blue lie! You retired from playing football because your legs were tired, how old is Joseph Musonda of Nkana but see,he is still playing! One more thing, you played for Zambia because you were earning a living from there, we all contribute to mother Zambia in one way or another and we are not appreciated but we don’t complain, this is life mwana.

  4. What kind of appreciation do you need Chris? You were promoted and received allowances for winning just like any other Zambian who has contributed to the development of the Country. That was your job and winning was part of your terms of employment. Other Zambians also are contributing by bringing profits in the companies they work for and contributing to development of the Country. What else do you need the Zambians to do? You have retired just like any other worker does.


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