Zambian hiphop artist Slapdee seems to have rubbed Zambian social media users the wrong way.

The XYZ founder took to his twitter account to “follow up” on a campaign known as EmPawa Africa, started by international artist Mr Eazi who recently visited the country to promote the campaign as well as short list participants

emPawa Africa is an initiative with a goal to discover Africa’s Emerging Talented Musical Artists and provide them the opportunity to become the next Global SUPERSTARS #emPawa100

” What happened to Empawa what what? Who won what? Who made it out off that? Whose brand made what? ” Slapdee stated in a tweet.

Looking at the context of the tweet, many people saw it as slander/ shade or simply what is known as “hating”

” You are respected, and a legend or a king as you call your self you need to lead by example, support your fellow artists, Easi did something that you all can’t do even for your country that’s the love of music do what you love even when nothing is happening, exposed talent.”

A twitter user stated in response to the tweet, while other responses were not so subtle. with the user @fred_iiv tweeting

“You gonna tell us how you made freshpack tea and put it in Hennessy bottles too?”

Which was meant to highlight rumours that HipHop artist & others don’t user original expensive alcohol shown in their videos.

While other users followed suit in condemning the rappers action, while other users stated that he meant no malice.

What do you think?


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