We are General Workers for ZESCO. This company is very unfair to us general workers. Imagine, the management gave us a fake contract with no upgrade of salary, no medical conditions, no subsistence allowance yet previously, people from 2010 and 2013 used to have their salaries upgraded from k840 of basic pay to k2,100 and 2013 from k1,100 to k3,400 now again their salaries have been increased on top by K500.

In ZESCO, a lowest paid permanent worker is getting K8,500 minus overtime then us general workers we are only receiving K1,496 with no increment!

Please, may the government come to our aid. We are really being exploited as general workers yet ours is hard work through and through. Them they get over K10,000 plus allowances, us its less than K1,500 per month; with no allowances of any kind. Is this FAIR?

Please mwebuteko twapapata twafweni fwebantu benu, come to our help!

ZESCO General Workers.




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