ZESCO management panics over ghost workers they employed during the PF era & begin auditing workers.





  1. Derrick Mbita Chitala should be questioned about what was happening at ZESCO. Remember he was once Chairman of ZESCO Board even when he is not and Engineer of Business Manager. He is one of those that endorsed Edgar Chagwa Lungu before the August 12 Elections.

  2. It is indeed unfortunate that a Company like ZESCO that generates most of its power from facility like Lake Kariba which was constructed at such a high human and financial resources costs particularly by the people of the Gwembe valley can be misused in such a manner by the Zambian Government. We hope that Bally will truly fix such problems.

  3. Even this same Human Resource Manager is a Mwale. Check the surnames also in those ZESCO employees. I bet if you will find even 2% combined Southerners, Westerners, N/westerners. PF was indeed a headless govt

  4. Whoever designed this data capture tool must be same PF cadre and is dull, alot of information is missing, sex, NRC,date of first appointment and station, years worked,field, qualifications, class or division in employment This exercise must be taken by independent organisations not zesco workers.

  5. @Wood, I agree with you. How do you ask HR manager who is part of the problem to investigate him/herself. Get an independent international audit firm to do this job. What kind of a form is this? When was someone employed? When were they born? What’s their grade in the company? What’s their salary scale? Otherwise with this form I have seen this is likely to be an exercise in futility. Am sure by now those Zesco pipo are even laughing.

  6. Kikiki! PF at it again. They have deliberately not included important information so that the excercise does not capture PF cadres on Zesco payroll system. Let an independent company appointed by government or president do the work. Not this nonsense of hiding important details. Wood is right!


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