Monica Musonda


Manufacturer, industrialist and entrepreneur, Monica Musonda has stated that ZESCO must be allowed to migrate to cost-reflective tariffs to guarantee their sustainability.

She says the current model where ZESCO sells power below the cost of generating, transmitting and distributing it was not sustainable.

Below is her tweet;

“Industries are collapsing because of the lack of power.”

“If you speak to any manufacturer they will tell you that they would prefer to pay more for consistently supplied power.”

“We need to be realistic and appreciate at current prices, Zesco is a unsustainable business”



  1. As long as ZESCO remains a milk cow for the ruling party in Zambia, allowing ZESCO to charge cost reflective tariffs will not solve the problems of limited efficiency and unsustainable supply of power to all who need power in Zambia. Ba Monica Musonda, dont be naive. You should be pushing for having a comprehensive cost of electricity and power supply mix study. Beyond this study, what is more important is reforming the governance and management of ZESCO as well as the ERB which is full of PF appointed staff and Board members. Before ZESCO and ERB are reformed the credibility of a cost of electricity and power supply mix study will still be low. So the priority is reforming the governance and management of ZESCO and ERB so that these are independent and credible institutions protected from the influence of a ruling political party.


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