By Prudence Siabana

The recent directive by the Zambia Information and Communication Technology –ZICTA- to all mobile network operators to conduct a fresh sim registration exercise has received opposing views from consumers.

According to the directive, all mobile network operations are required to capture live facial photographs during the new sim card registration and sim card replacement in an effort to enhance security of mobile networks platform.

However, some consumers talked to by phoenix news over this directive feel the process of re-registering sim cards will be inconveniencing and are calling on ZICTA to see how certain information that was left out in the first registration can be considered and ensure the security system is tightened up.

Meanwhile, others are of the view that the process will make it easy for ZICTA to capture mobile fraudulent activities and hope the system will be as smooth as possible to avoid inconveniences during the process.

The authority has further directed all mobile network operators begin to submit weekly reports of all sim replacements to the authority to assist in proactively monitoring sim replacement processes in order to address high incidences of fraudulent activities related to sim replacements.


  1. What is the point of this activity again. You keep requesting for people’s details but when it comes to arresting politicians and their criminally connected friends and family nothing happens even where full evidence is available. We can’t have 2 different legal systems if everyone is equal before the law.


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