Zimababwe's President Robert Mugabe chants Zanu PF slogans with supporters gathered at the Harare International Conference Centre in Harare, Wednesday May 3, 2000. Mugabe launched the Zanu PF's election manifesto which bears the slogan "Land is the Economy and the Economy is Land". (AP Photo/Christine Nesbitt)

Zanu PF controversial youth activists Fidelis Fengu has said President Robert Mugabe is likely to address the nation of the escalation of protests in the country which he described as the work of insurgents.

[su_quote cite=”he said.”]My analysis of the next 72 hours. The President is likely to address the nation and warn insurgents, [/su_quote]

[su_quote]An informal curfew is likely to be imposed and enforced by National Youth Service cadres We are likely to see cracks in the security sector on how to deal with the public , General Valerio Sibanda is likely to feel the heat between orders and conscience. [/su_quote]

He urged the nation to buckle its seat belts and get helmets and stay away from the walls and the windows.

[su_quote cite=”he said.”]Harare you are in for a high jump. May God keep you all safe and may He shorten this period,[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”he said.”]But at the end of the day Zanu PF will remain in power with very huge changes being made. People should listen when prophets speak , you might not like Walter Magaya, Emmanuel Makandiwa or Sisonke Ndlovu but when they speak listen lest you be caught off your guard. [/su_quote]



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