ZRA Intercepts 1,406 Trucks with Border Discrepancies and Collects K394 Million Additional Revenue.

For the period January to September 2021, ZRA collected K394 million additional revenue from anti-smuggling operations out of which K48 million was collected on Nakonde imports. The smuggling activities ranged from undervaluations, misclassifications, document falsification, transit fraud and outright smuggling.

We have a great number of genuine clearing agents and few bad eggs that always want to dent the image of the clearing industry. Our appeal is that please do not dent the name of clearing agents by facilitating smuggling activities.

Had ZRA not conducted anti-smuggling operations government would have lost this revenue.
We are also aware that from the time we sealed off all smuggling loopholes, some smugglers who want to hide in the name of clearing agents are planning to create anarchy by protesting and disrupting border operations.

Despite the reported planned protests by agents against ZRA and in particular the Commissioner General, anti-smuggling operations will continue until smuggling is fully defeated. Our recent investment in modern technology such as the installation of CCTV and the use of drones is paying dividends.

ZRA will not be intimidated by smugglers no matter the threats and malice. Our advice to clearing agents is not to allow smugglers to use their name to stage protests against government revenue mobilization efforts. We ask that people should just make correct declarations and avoid smuggling.

Issued by :
Topsy Sikalinda
Corporate communications Manager
Zambia revenue Authority


  1. Come on ZRA!! Who gives licenses to these clearing agents? What measures have been taken to punish the so called bad agents? We want clear actions to deter cheating in the clearance services.


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