Davies Mwila


NAME the companies that helped pay for ministers that had remained in office in 2016 after the dissolution of parliament prior to the 2016 general elections, NDC vice-president Josephs Akafumba challenges PF secretary general Davies Mwila.

Mwila on Saturday told ZNBC that he was proud to announce that well-wishers and companies have paid the money illegally accrued by the ministers.

But Akafumba said the revelation by Mwila smells corruption and theft.

“I feel that Mwila was not telling us the truth. I have a feeling that the PF got taxpayers’ money to pay back to the State. He is even proud to say that only Chishimba Kambwili and Harry Kalaba were not paid for,” he noted. “This is why I say that the PF stole government money to pay for the ministers. If not, they corruptly got the money from companies. So please name the companies and individuals who paid on behalf of the PF ministers so that you prove me wrong.”

Akafumba said the whole issue was smelling of irregularities.

“We have a lot of poor students who fail to pay for their tuition fees at universities but no company has ever bailed them out. So why bail PF ministers for illegal issues? Companies are struggling to survive all because of PF poor governance and struggling of the economy,” he said.

Akafumba said the PF was so desperate to save its face in what he termed an impending mass resignations by ministers and members of parliament once parliament is dissolved.

“Mwila is so scared that PF ministers and MPs will join us and our alliance partner the UPND once parliament is dissolved,” said Akafumba. “He said there are high levels of unemployment among youths, drug shortages in hospitals and theft and corruption.”


  1. Pressure on failings of Dr. Chilufya and him being found complicit in suspicious procurements at the Ministry of Health led President Lungu to fire him. Lungu was getting suffocated and to release the pressure grip he had no choice but to cave in to the demands of the public that action be taken on Dr. Chilufya. Here is another suspect pronouncement by Mwila which requires united effort with Akafumba that some proof be availed of the payment and by whom? Kambwili and Kalaba published the receipts and these should exist for the “good Samaritans” as they do need them for accounting purposes too. However the good Samaritans thereafter need inspection for non evasion of tax!


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