THIS right here, colleagues is what makes me believe beyond a shadow of doubt that Bally is the best candidate to sort out the economic mess we are in. He’s the right candidate to bring accountability and fiscal discipline in government.

If Bally can demand that a fuel attendant accounts for a paltry K15 change, would he keep quiet if FIC reported that a procurement officer spent $1m on utility trucks that ordinarily should cost less than $200,000?

If Bally can demand that a fuel attendant accounts for a parltry K15, would he keep quiet if FIC reported to him that Zambia has lost K6.1bn to financial crimes such as corruption, theft and tax evasion?

If can demand why a pump attended has not delivered fuel worth K15, would he keep quiet if the Auditor General reported to him that K114m was paid but the materials were undelivered?

If he’s not willing to let a K15 go to waste at a filling station, would he ignore K7.8m wasteful government expenditure as reported by the AG? Overpayments of K 7.1m and misappropriation of K5.1m?

If he can demand for an explanation from a fuel attendant over K15, would he ignore the procurement of an ambulance at an exorbitant price of $288,000?

This right here colleagues is the kind of financial discipline we need to get our economy back on track. At a personal level, it has helped him build his wealth over the years. We must extend this to national level.

By Blessings Kafwanka



  1. Hard earned must be accounted for no matter the amount. Accounting for every penny surely is fundamentally crucial if one has to build durable wealth one’s household and nation’s wellbeing


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