PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu will stand as Patriotic Front candidate in the 12th August, 2021 general election after the Constitutional Court ruled that he has not held office twice

The court says when President Lungu was first elected in 2015 after the death of Mr Michael Sata, he did not serve a term of office as it was less than three years.

In this matter, Legal Resources Foundation Limited, Dr. Sishuwa Sishuwa and Chapter One Foundation were alleging that President Edgar Lungu held his office twice with his first term being from 2015 to 2016 and his second term being from 2016 to date hence not eligible to contest this year’s general election.

The petitioners therefore wanted the court to declare his nomination null and void.



  1. The issue is the contradiction of the law where one is voted in twice. Its not about term that is why we have the vice president previously to take over for 90 days and in this case the vice president Dr. Guy Scort did and handed over power of instrumsnts to Ba ECL when he was sworn in.
    Sworn in twice is different of serving full term.

  2. Great we.knew very well this concourt ruling before the final verdict they have been given money. Enjoy but u will pay for that.

  3. Zambia is a failed state indeed. Surely why do some people twist the law to suit their own statue. They constitution court may favour you but the people of Zambia won’t. You have actually angered alot of people IMWE ba concourt . People of Zambia let’s unit so as to do a clean house. This state will fail if we are not careful. Ba ireen mambilima sure? Was your stance on bwezani an act of bravery or hatred ? Zambians now know what kind of constitutional guards we have. Some people would rather choose wealth than a good name. AUWE mwandi it no sebana wikute. Anyway the people of Zambia have already made up there minds and there is no return on our position. Enjoy while you can guys!!!!

    But at least the sin of the constitutional court judges is now on record. Sinners must be proved to be sinners by their actions.

  5. Honestly I did not see it coming. I was of the view that judges of the constitutional courts would choose a good name than silver and gold. As far as some people are concerned they have opted for a decision that is good for themselves. I just wonder what the international community thinks of Zambia.

  6. Zambians, surely did you expect a different decision? The judges are corrupt to the core.
    It’s time Zambians got together to vote this pf out then FIRE THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT!

  7. Expected. You can’t bite the hand that feeds you especially in Africa unless you are a judge from Malawi or Kenya.

  8. Is it only me who had a hunch that this idiotic judgement would come to pass? The bench is arguing about serving two terms while the petitioner is arguing on being sworn in twice and holding office twice as president! It’s a decision that will hound this inept coward bench for its lifetime and the judges will be academic reference material for failure in interpretation of the law! Anyway the ConCourt bench has sung and danced to the tune of the appointing authority! This is how the Zambian Constitution has invited a make over!

  9. @Max exactly my question, this scheme was hatched at the very inception of the conmen chikoti. But surely Zambians must rise and claim normalcy, this explains why some eminent lawyers were blocked, all the same JS is a hero and will go down in history together with LRFL, Dr. S S and C O F as Zambians who defeated the demons in the village of demons. NEXT WATCH ECZ, they are all in the same cartel to dupe this country.

  10. No surprises in the expected outcomes. The PF have been threatening them if they give judgements based on true interpretation of the law. Remember Paul Moomba and the president himself threatened them if they passed judgements as though they were in Kenya.
    Lets move on and concentrate on door to door campaigns people. These cases will all be academic and a waste of every one’s time and energy.

  11. Expected really, opposition WILL NEVER WIN any case no matter the merit of the case tabled. Any petitions after Aug elections will be a sheer waste of time. Opposition hope is only in a landslide victory…..

  12. This ruling was expected its no surprise to anyone. however if there’s change of government those judges are gone! first of all they dont meet requisite requirements to sit on the bench. secondly they deliberately did not defend the constitution and elected to shield an individual. A tribunal is awaiting to probe into their qualifications before appointment. If they accepted jobs they didn’t qualify for, they go to jail period!!! either way if they ruled against the incumbent and by any chance he won, they still gone!! bottom line they shud pray incumbent wins then they can enjoy for another 5 yrs otherwise kolopa!!


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