By Darius Choonya

A 24 year old man, Charles Kakula who recently appeared in a video harassing a civil servant Shelly Chatugwa at the Ministry of Works and Supply has been fined K12, 000 or nine months imprisonment on three counts of common assault, criminal trespass and threatening violence.

In delivering judgement Magistrate, Fides Hamaundu says the victim’s conduct was uncalled for.

The court questioned why the convict decided to take the law in his hands because he could have used other channels to air out his concerns.

Meanwhile, according to evidence before court, the convict is said to have called the victim on phone claiming to have gotten the number from Lusaka Province Minister, Bowman Lusambo.

It was alleged in count one that Kakula of Kamwala in Lusaka on 13th April, 2021 jointly and acting together with unknown persons did threaten violence on Shelly Chatugwa to which he said he was going to burn her within her office.

In the second count it was alleged that Kakula on the same date jointly and whilst acting with other unknown persons unlawfully assaulted Ms. Chatugwa.

And in the third count, Kakula was alleged to have on April 13, 2021 entered upon the premises of the Ministry of Works and supply with intent to commit a felony.

According to court documents, Kakula a suspected PF cadre is also a medical record clerk working under the Ministry of Health.


  1. Yes it can be so to show us but was supposed to be slapped with a jail sentence then pay the money latter as we normally see with how the opposition are.

    Kakula, was supposed to be behind the bars or his case to take long as to what we have seen with the Kalomo UPND who stayed in police custody for more than 30 days with no proper case.
    When the president talk about violence free, these are the people to be slapped with hard labor but leaving them like this, these are the same who are sent in the street to harrass citizens. We all know that the K12,000 is nothing because someone has paid for him as we talk.

  2. This is too little for him as PF will just pay this using taxpayers money and he won’t cough a single ngwee from his pocket. It was better to jail him to teach other cadres a lesson. This will just encourage them.


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