Comouflage Military Uniform lands 4 youths to 20 years Imprisonment
LUSAKA High Court Judge Wilfred Muma has sentenced four youths to 20 years imprisonment with hard labour for wearing military uniform.

Judge Muma said the quartet aged between 22 and 27 deserved to be punished as their behavior has the potential of disturbing peace in Zambia.

The four are Barton Nkhoma, Tapiwa Kambole , Isaac Mutena and Misheck Muluwe.
Facts of the offence are that on April 7,2019 in Chirundu, the four jointly and whilst acting together had in their possession uniforms of the Zambian defence forces without lawful authority.


  1. We have seen PF cadres putting on Military Uniforms and moving freely with dangerous weapons and no enforcement agencies have arrested them. At Lusaka Intercity Bus Terminals there are unruly youths with violent behaviours terrorising innocent people and these youth put on Military Uniforms. These youths have found it easy to go unpunished because they have aligned themselves with the ruling party.

    We have witnessed unruly youths blocking roads and causing unnecessary traffic in the presence of the law enforcement officers. Why can’t these unruly youths who are a danger to society be brought to book and punished or counseled?

    There is too lawlessness and break down in public order whereby criminals and thugs have taken advantage of the weak policing of public order to terrorize innocent people. People live in fear because the behaviour and cruel actions of the some youth is not good. These youths are usually overexcited and acting on the influence of substance abuse. Sanity is needed and law enforcement agencies should move in and act independently to maintain peace and order. Police may witness criminality behaviour in public but they would not move in to correct the situation. When people complain they the police would confidently say no person reported the matter. Is this the way things should be?

  2. These are really unfortunate and I suspecting they are linked to UPND because the armed pf cadres are untouchable.
    The pf cadres who robbed the central police station are free like birds!
    What about those who were gassing Zambians, well you guessed that correct. Free like birds!


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